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Bindi Designs team would like to remind you that Christmas / Jul is coming soon and we would appreciate it if you think of us when you shop your Christmas presents /Julklappar.



We offer unique & colorful designs and also we have been creating the perfect Christmas present to add the extra coziness this Christmas; Bindi cotton ball lights.


Bindi Lights are unique since you can create any color combination that you´d like for you or to give away as a present.

Otherwise, with your help there is much that can be done to help us such as; like Bindi Designs / Bindi Designs Boutique fan page, recommend us to your friends, share all information that we post on Facebook or our blog and last but not least recommend your friends of our amazing, cozy and unique shop located in Malmo; Bindi Designs Boutique.

Unique designs

You might not buy anything from us now but perhaps a friend or a family member might stumble across our site with your help and this is the best way of marketing promotion; Word of Mouth!

All it needs is to like and share.

Remember when you are running a business you have to sell your promo and we know that there are many potential customers out there.

We need your help to bring them in!

Warm greetings Antonio & Yasmin

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