We are finally in Spain

Have you ever wondered if you can actually finally take the plunge and try to make your dreams come true one of these days?

Well,  most of us spend our entire life wondering and dreaming about just this question.  And we almost did just that, but….

Well guess what?

We have finally done it! We have followed our dreams and have left cold and rainy Sweden in search of sun, warmth and exciting new challenges and adventures in the south of Europe; Spain


We’re almost finally done with all the practicalities and bureaucracy of moving a family across borders.  We will start sharing more of journey soon enough,  so far we’re loving our new home and we are very excited to finally be ready to give new life to our company.  We have new products and a new site coming soon.

In the meantime we can only say that we are planning our next travel to Thailand to form new partnerships, source new products and many other surprises.



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